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Milky Way no longer perceptible from 90% of Malta because of light pollution

Every single year is a complete challenge for me  to photograph and push myself to the limits to get the best detail possible out of the Milky-way. Dark places like Riviera beach, San Lawrenz and Zurrieq are not my preferred locations anymore because of light pollution from nearby Hotels and Restaurants.

A 360 image of the Milky-way vanishing in light pollution over Golden bay area

Milky-way and Light pollution in Malta

The Milky-way core

This is a stack of 50 dark frames and 50 star frames - Photographed with an astro modified Canon 1ds mk3 -    Canon 50mm - F1.8  Location Migra Ferha.

Post processed in Sequator and PS CC.

Copyright Derren Vella - Landscapes of Malta

The Milky-way core.
Photographed from Migra Ferha in August 2018.
Star trails over Selmun Palace with a meteor.
Fine art starscapes of Malta by Derren Vella

Startrails at Selmun palace

2.5 Hours of Earth's Rotation Motion

One of my images from October 2018 at Selmun palace shows the Earth's rotation in 2.5 hours. A huge amount of light pollution is coming from a restaurant next to the Palace.

The Milky-way over the Fungus Rock in San Lawrenz - Gozo


milkyway Time-Lapse from dingli and migra ferha