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The Mosta Rotunda

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Here's a little story about the Mosta Rotunda then you can continue reading about the story behind this 360 image.  

The Mosta Rotunda is perhaps the most impressive church in Malta, with its’ massive rotunda, that is the third largest in the world .

It was built in 1860, and it is dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady. During the Second World War the church was almost destroyed when, during an air raid, a 200kg bomb fell through the dome without exploding. All the 300 people attending morning mass were left unharmed. On the 9th April, 1942 the detonator was removed and a replica is now on display inside the church as a famous tourist attraction. The Mosta Rotunda, or Dome took 27 years to build and was designed by a French designer who resided in Mosta, George Grognet de Vasse.  About the image. I captured this 360 panorama on Thursday 7th June 2018, that's three days ago and this was really not planned at all... My plan was to go down to Zabbar to photograph a 360 shot at that particular street with the colorful umbrellas hanging , but unfortunately due to strong winds they had to close the street and also the umbrellas. While driving back home really disappointed i decided to take the long way and drive all the way from zabbar to Mosta then ending up at Santa Venera but as soon as i arrived exactly near the rotunda an empty parking space was waiting for me, it was that moment that i decided to enter the church and capture this.



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