8 ideal locations for Milkyway Photography in Malta and Gozo

The Milkyway from Migra ferha

Locations and times

When Summer approaches most photographers start planning to find dark areas with an interesting foreground to create a nightscape that is memorable. 

In Malta the Milky-way is best seen and photographed between Mid June till mid October. 

What you need.

  • Gear

DSLR camera - Preferrably Full Frame

Lens - An aperture of 2.8 of bigger (My favourite lens is the Samyang 24mm F1.4)

Tripod - When taking long exposures of the night sky — 15–40 seconds   you are going

 to need a very sturdy platform to put your camera on. 

Remote Shutter - Highly recommended especially when stacking.

Planning - If you are a beginner ,using special softwares like stellarium will help 

you locate the milky-way easily .

Safety - Be careful out there , especially on your own. If you don't know the location well

I suggest to go scouting the area during the day and it's always good to have a buddy especially  at night.

  • Times and locations

Here are the best times to capture some great Milkyway photography from the Maltese Islands.

Mid June - 1.00am onwards

Mid July - 11.30pm onwards

Mid August - 10.00pm onwards

Mid September - 9.00pm onwards

Mid October - 8.00 pm onwards

LOCATIONS - Preferably South / South west. 

MALTA - Ras id-Dawwara, Ta'Marija Caves, Dingli Cliffs, Migra L-Ferha, Blata tal-Melh, Qammieh, Zurrieq

Gebel Ciantar, Tal-Hamrija Qrendi, Lapsi, and Fawwara.

GOZO - San Lawrenz, Ta Cenc cliffs, Sanap Cliffs Munxar and Mgarr ix-Xini Ghajnsielem.