Chadwick Lakes

Chadwick lakes (or Wied il-Qlejgha) are artificial fresh water lakes between Rabat and Mtarfa on the Western part of Malta. A dam was built by Mr. Osbert Chadwick in the late 1890s allowing fresh water to gather after winter rain. 

Apart from serving farmers in the area who irrigate their fields with it, collected rainwater serves as a habitat for different flora and fauna.

Although Chadwick Lakes are essentially a reservoir; water still gurgles downwards towards the valley in Mosta, giving an impression that it is actually a lake with streams especially after heavy rains in Winter.

Chadwick lakes provide a very beautiful backdrop for picnics and hikes, and indeed several people flock to the lakes on wintry Sunday afternoons and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere that the water provides, while children pass their time trying to catch the little frogs that populate the area. 

The best time to visit these lakes are sunny days of Winter and Spring as the streams tend to dry out during the hot summer season.

Chadwick Lakes at Sunset - Fine art photographic prints of Malta and Gozo by Derren Vella
Chadwick lakes in winter  - Fine art and landscapes of malta by Derren Vella
Chadwick lakes in winter  - Fine art and landscapes of malta by Derren Vella
Chadwick Lakes - Copyright Landscapes of Malta & Gozo | Derren Vella
Fine art landscapes of malta and gozo by Derren vella., Chadwick lakes at sunset


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