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A bit about myself

My name is Derren Vella and I am married to my lovely wife, Stephania, with whom I share the privilege of being a proud parent to my gorgeous children, Zack and Ellie. Apart from photography, my hobbies include fitness and good food!

My passion for photography started way back in 2009 when I bought my first DSLR camera, a Canon 500d, complete with a standard 18-55mm lens kit. Little did I know at the time that this “toy” would consume my desire to capture images which would inspire myself to go further and yearn for that fleeting moment of glory, which only crosses your path very few times during your lifetime. 

Since then I have accessed the magical art of Landscape photography, where Nature plays a vital role in embellishing our local landscapes with all the beauty they deserve. I truly am blessed to live in such a beautiful island, where scenery and climate intertwine to produce glorious offspring. I also like to share my experiences through workshops specialising in Landscape photography. This is the moment where I am most in my element as I can see the same eagerness and hunger that I had way back in 2009.

Many people ask me to mention my favourite photo taken throughout these past 10 years and my answer is always the same. My best photo will be shot tomorrow as I am always conscious that near-perfect conditions will always be better than the past. If I am on my way somewhere I always have my precious camera with me and have had to run late many times to appease my instincts on capturing the “perfect shot”.


Derren Vella | Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints of Malta & Gozo
Derren Vella | Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints of Malta & Gozo

Fine Art printing at the lab

Check out this short Time-lapse while printing of Fine Art images at I-Lab. 

Derren Vella - Landscapes of Malta and Gozo

A Throwback from 2009 when I bought my first DSLR camera.

A custom made chopper from Big Bear Choppers U.S, owned by a friend of mine was my first ever photo shoot, and I decided to capture all the images at the lovely greenery landscape of Pembroke.

Popeye's Village

Once again, these are images from 2009. 

Popeye's village area is one of the most photographed landscapes of Malta and it's the perfect location for practicing sunset photography.

My first ever HDR image

In 2009 I didn't have lens filters so most of my images were bracketed for hdr processing. 

Derren Vella | Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints of Malta & Gozo

Photographing Sunrise from Ghadira in year 2010

Photographing Sunrise from Ghadira Bay - Shot by my wife.

Derren Vella | Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints of Malta & Gozo

Xlendi at dusk - September 2010

Derren Vella | Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints of Malta & Gozo

Installation of photographic prints at nectar group

My Blog

Mellieha Parish Church at dusk

There are so much interesting things to see in my website, you can read a blog about my favourite sunset locations or maybe photographing and locating the Milkyway .

So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me.

I hope you enjoy my site and my Gallery and take a moment to drop me a line.

All my Landscape photography of Malta & Gozo are available for print and are handled on an individual basis.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print and specify which what size and image you are interested in.